Climate Matters helps retired physician make dozens of climate change presentations in his Wisconsin community

Dr Bruce Krawisz

"I am a retired physician (pathologist). In November of 2015 I was planning my retirement which began in 2017. The British medical journal The Lancet published its first climate and health report and began their series of medical articles called the Lancet Countdown. Their first paper stated that climate change was probably the greatest public health problem of this century. I decided to study and talk about climate change as part of my retirement.

"Climate Matters has been a great help to me. I've given around 50 presentations about health and climate to schools, churches, clubs, and hospitals in my local area of central Wisconsin. I have used Climate Matters slides in every one. I have also written a few articles, one for Wisconsin Medical Journal, but most for popular magazines. I used one Climate Matters graph in one of these articles.

 "I receive your email newsletters, read many of your reports, and appreciate your fine work on climate. Your graphs and reports are very helpful in my efforts to explain the health consequences of climate change to people.

Bruce Krawisz, M.D., Marshfield, Wisconsin