2013 AMS Broadcast Conference Short Course

Oct 18, 2013

Title: Weird(er) Weather and a Changing Climate: Piecing Together the Puzzle

At the 2013 AMS conference, a group of leading climate and weather science experts spoke to meteorologists from around the country on the evolving connection between weather and climate change.  The course was designed to give meteorologists background information on the current and ongoing weather/climate research in order to help meteorologists better address these issues, while also helping them know where to turn for more authoritative information on the subject of climate change.

Here's a link to the presentations from the following scientists:

Tony Broccoli, Ph.D. - Rutgers University
Ben Santer, Ph.D. - LLNL, Livermore, CA
Harold Brooks - NSSL/NOAA, Norman, OK
Deke Arndt - NCDC/NOAA, Asheville, NC
Marshall Shepherd, Ph.D. - AMS President; Professor and Research Meteorologist, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Keith Dixon - GFDL/NOAA, Princeton, NJ
Heidi Cullen, Ph.D. - Climate Central, Princeton, NJ